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Venture Out Challenge

The Venture Out Challenge - Introduction

Welcome to the future website for the Venture Out Challenge! In the next year we are working at creating a unique event in major cities across the United States that aims to get children and families outside and enjoying the natural wonders around them in their very own community. Featuring games, activiteis, sports and fun things to do in general, it will be a whole lot of fun and excitement for all ages. Hint, we're even looking to break some Guiness World Records in the process! Our full website with dates and complete information will be online shortly.

Our Sponsors & Partners

We'll be working with a number of amazing sponsors and partners to make these events happen and would like to recognize a few of them here. Even in the early planning stages, these wonderful companies have been so kind and generous in donating their money and time to help ensure that this event is a huge success.


Co-Founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics sells both womens and mens sportswear and activewear online. With a wide range of workout clothes and yoga apparel, Fabletics offers a unique way to stay fashionable while working out comfortably. Stay tuned to the Fabletics Facebook page as we hope to announce a special contest with them in the coming months!

Active powers the world's events and activities and is an amazing resource for finding outdoor activities and events in your area. They even have a special kids section which allows you to see kids only activities in your town. So get your children to venture out and stay healthy by using!